Low Price Premium Quality Fashionable DIY Spike Cone Studs These cool and fashionable studs are loved by both professionals and those artistic individuals who like to give things a quick makeover. These top quality studs are ideal for embellishing clothes, leather jackets, costumes, bags, shoes, converses, belts, saddles and wherever your imagination will take you. This product is also fantastic to use as beads to make bracelets and necklaces. They are easy to use and excellent to customise items. They will give things a whole new perspective and generate an absolute stunning appearance. Premium quality Screw-back spike cone studs. Extremely easy to use. Just make a tiny hole on your project, place the top part and and use a screwdriver to attach the bottom part . Job done. No need for any rivet tool. Perfect to embellish a variety of items. These rivets are made of Premium quality strong alloy material. All sizes shown are approximates and refer to the base diameter and height of studs.